Ashwood Smoking Chips Ltd are suppliers of premier Delicatessen Smoking Chips to the catering industry. The quality, flavour and the visual properties of smoked products depend on the type of
smoking agent used.

Our products are distributed to Butchers shops, meat, sausage, fish and cheese smoked product manufacturers through butcher supply dealers.

All our RAUCHERGOLD ranges are made exclusively from selected, un-treated beechwood and oak wood that is farmed from forests that are doemstic to the EU. This ensures the best quality from the natural, renewable raw materials.

All our RAUCHERGOLD ranges are produced using the highest quality for first class smoked processing guaranteed by our DIN ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified production.

Professional Smoking

Next to drying and salting, smoking is one of the oldest known processes use for preserving food. The smoking process's preservation effect is produced through a drying of the surface and the layering of micro-static condensate. A side effect that is the formation of an appetizing golden surface colouring and
a spicy taste development.

In addition to a suitable smoking plant with an adequate oxygen supply, the quality of the smoking agent used is, above all, the most important consideration. The pre-requisite needed to obtain the flavouring desired during smoking, is the use of an outstanding material suitable for the smoking process. Special wood shavingsare employed as smoking agents. These are used in different shaving sizes depending on the smoking plant and requirements.

Home Smoking

Home smoking is becoming a fast growing past time and there are a range of devices that can be purchased in the UK for this purpose. It is especially important that food quality smoking materials or agents are used.

One of our latest products aimed at the domestic market is our Easy Smoke, Smoki-Chipz products. All of which meet all the relevant UK legislation for the provision smoking products.